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Cheese Seeds History


Cheese Seeds

With the release of Green House Seeds Exodus Cheese, the argument over the origins of “The Cheese” rages on once again. From its humble begins as a single Cannabis seed, through the late 1980′s and 1990′s where it become popular as a clone, Cannabis growers from the U.K. have developed a love of Cheese Weed, and the many hybrids that have been developed because of it.

So where did Cheese Seeds originate, what is Exodus, and what role did the Big Buddha play in the development of The Cheese?

Find out the history here.


The History of Cheese Seeds

Buy Cheese Seeds To understand why Cheese Cannabis became so popular, it is important that you realize back at the end of the 1980′s, the choice of Cannabis strains and breeders was far more limited than it is today. Visit our Buy Cheese Seeds page and you can see 100 different registered and trusted Cannabis Seed suppliers from all across the world.

However, back 25 years ago, both Amsterdam, and the strains of Cannabis available were very different. The rise in popularity for the new Nederweed created by people like Shanti Baba and the Sensi Seeds Bank was growing fast, leaving behind the usual stocks of thai weed and the natural land-race Cannabis strains.

It did not take long before the Amsterdam Coffee Shops were displaying these new strains on their menu boards, with Cannabis strains such as White Widow, Northern Lights and Skunk becoming some of the most popular varieties. Unlike today, where you can simple search for Cannabis Seeds online and choose from a huge selection from a host of reputable breeders, back then there was no internet to order seeds from, or learn how to grow them.

So a U.K. Cannabis grower went over to Amsterdam, visited the Sensi Seeds Bank shop, which is situated right in the heart of the Red Light District, and purchased a packet of their finest Skunk#1 Seeds. Upon their return to England, these Sensi Seeds Bank Skunk#1 Seeds were germinated and planted.

From this packet of 10 Regular Seeds, 6 were male, 4 female, all germinated. The males were thrown, as breeding was not the aim, and from the 4 females, three were of little value, while 1 grew vigorously, producing a fine harvest with an unusual aroma. Clones had been taken while the plants were still in their vegetative state, and these were then grown, and more cuttings were taken.

As with all good growers, several friends were offered the opportunity of growing these cuttings, and so the strain spread, both as a seed, and the finished product. It did not take long for the growers to realize that this particular strain was something a little different, and it is at this point that 21 cuttings, or clones were ordered for a collective of Cannabis growers in Luton who were building a large scale garden. This collective from Luton in England went under the name of Exodus.

Meanwhile, as the Cannabis was beginning to spread between growers and smokers, the term “The Cheese” was formed to describe the pungent aroma that followed everywhere it went. During the final stages of flowering, and especially as it is harvested and drying, the smell is extremely strong. Comparing it to cheese is an understatement, true Exodus Cheese is one of the strongest, most pungent smelling strains of Cannabis, derived from the strong smelling Skunk#1.

The Exodus Collective grew the strain, along with others, and it was further distributed among other Cannabis growers, slowly expanding out in a ripple effect from its beginnings around Luton, England. A grower called Michael received the cutting, who along with the backing of one of the established Amsterdam Seed Companies, crossed the original Exodus cutting with an Afghani strain in order to produce a seed with similar characteristics.

At a similar time, the Exodus community had given a clone of their true Exodus Cheese strain to an established Amsterdam Coffee Shop, Home Grown Fantasy, who cloned it and introduced it to their customers. This whole cycle of the original purchased seeds from Amsterdam, grown, cloned and circulated in the South of England, before being introduced back to Amsterdam took years, in 2004 Home Grown Fantaseeds took 3rd place in the cannabis Cup with its Cheese entry.

However, since then Big Buddha Seeds have taken the ultimate first prize in 2006 with their Cheese Seeds. Since then Cheese Cannabis and the wide variety of hybrids that have been formed have been awarded many accolades and awards, with a wide number of Cannabis Seed companies introducing their own version of Cheese Seeds. It is very difficult for the breeders to produce seeds that are exactly the same as the original Exodus Cheese, firstly, you have to acquire a true specimen of the strain, so you need an original cutting that contains the exact genetics as the Skunk#1 seed had back 25 years ago.

They are still about, and several breeders do possess true clones, however, they are faced with problem number 2. You cannot breed the Exodus Cheese female with a male, if you do it will only contain some of the Exodus Cheese genetics, and the remaining portion, whether large or small, from the male strain. It is possible to force the cuttings to seed themselves, however, this often leads to an unstable strain with many phenotypes.

Although called Exodus Cheese, Green House Seeds admit that their Exodus Cheese Seeds are not the true Exodus strain, but they do not have to be for them to register that as the name. In competitive taste tests, Kaliman Cheese #1 comes the closest to the Exodus Cheese, are are available in seed form.

True Exodus Cheese Seeds are as rare as rocking horse shit, getting your hands on a true clone and generating a mother is probably the only real way to do it. It is not the best producer, nor will the pungent smell help you remain unnoticed. The stone generated from its use is precisely that, a couch-locking, body numbing feeling where every movement is an effect, and a far better idea is to sit down and let the world go by. Not a good smoke for daytime use, in fact it has a tendency to make many people lazy.

So that’s a brief history of Cheese Seeds and the name Exodus, Although Exodus Cheese Seeds are as we said, impossible almost to buy, there is a wide variety of Cheese Seeds from a number of established and respected Cannabis Seed breeders, view some of the best by clicking below.

View Cheese Seeds


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